How to become a Queen of Hearts.

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I just kill bugs for a living. That’s it. That. Is. All. roger_xavier_the_queen_of_hearts

I’m mean really, how hard can it be to be to kill a bug without staining a carpet and making sure the dyes don’t bleed out?

That’s here, nor there.

Ever have a day where everyone reminds you of who you are, how lucky you are?

I have ADD it was probably over a week, then again?

Let’s just say today, I had a chance to relax and just me be. (most likely finding a solution to a corporate problem)

Last night I returned home promptly after work, hugged, kissed, hugged, kissed, grilled (as the boy ran around outside) had dinner together. Fell asleep thinking I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

Woke up to the boy and coffee with my future wife before work.

As I get dressed for work, she jumps in the shower.

She jumps out to me doing my hair, brushing my teeth. (Apple pie in the mirror)

She wraps herself in a towel, starts to get ready for work. I finish brushing my teeth.

I don’t want to go to work, but I have to go. She’s a Queen. (figure it out, I’m not gay)

After a long day, speaking of Queens, congratulation to Scott and Gary! I love you’re parents! (that’s straight from the dead man)

It’s been a long day, as much as I explained myself to the Queen of my Heart Yesterday, my work prevents me from returning home today.

10377718-largeShe understands that: i have no stress and can write this, meanwhile touching base with my brother and his family. (they are amazed)

They have never seen this from the dead man. (no alter ego)

I work a half day on Saturday and then return home to future wife, the queen of my heart.

I grilled whatever she wants for dinner. How about you?

Do you compete with princesses, or talk with queens?

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Donald Trump is my friend. ~#tb12 You described Howard! #mancavetalk

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Listening to Tom Brady talk – as he does every Monday morning on @Weei – his description of why he likes Donald Trump, 1983-mickey-greed-scroogereminded me of why I like my mentor, Howard.

I kill bugs for a living, Howard is in Finance. (I called Howard’s office by accident and found this out)

If you have a $10k+ oriental rug with clothes moths, you’ll understand this story.(that’s my only job, that’s all I have to do is kill clothes moths)

Howard is more than a mentor, he’s my friend.

I could care less about finance, We never talk about finance.

We talk about life, history, views, a good breakfast soup …he always demands that I wake up early to meet him.

He’s my mentor, I grant this.

Here’s the thing.

He has the knack to set me straight, and sometimes, sometimes, once in a great while, I get to return the favor.

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Matthew at age 18:22, “Really? I get to be Al-anon and Nice!”

September 25, 2015 1 comment

This might be the first time I can trust my bother in over 15-years. My brother is a drug addict. I’ve had to deal with his  ebbs and flows my entire life.

294759_2109673175523_5310353_nOver the years, I’ve become more of a Universe man who reads the Jefferson Bible (it’s the Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth without the Miracles that Priest talks about.)

If you read the bible, I don’t. I believe it’s Matthew 18:21.

Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?”

Being Al-anon – a brother of a kind-hearted drug-addict – this passage has always stuck with me.

Whether I had to keep both boxing gloves up and take the onslaught of how I was a horrible evil brother, or was forced to knock him out with a quick right. (Sobriety always Trumps a Crackhead!)

That’s here nor there. It’s water under the bridge.

What I have today is a sober brother. I finally have a chance to explain my vision with him, what I’m was doing for him, as he was getting high, paranoid, and just wanting a hit (no matter what the cost).

The cost – when your brother, Mike is pure evil – is very high. 

My friends, on this 28th try of Matthew 18:22, I think this forgiveness thing has worked.

We’ll see, as we relive our childhood “up on the roof.”

Do you let your faith stop you from seeing what you believe? images (4)

I hope not, because the universe may have built the St. Luke’s rehab center over the last year (hey, where were you born?)

…it was 15-years ago when I read Matthew 18:21 and 18:22 and decided to plucked my homeless drug-addicted brother out of LA at my mother’s request.

Bringing him home, just before our mother died in a fatal car accident while birthday shopping with, and for our Aunt Brenda.

I know in 12-months he will be a drug-addict again and I have to go back to being “the Dead Man”, but for now, I’m going to enjoy this time rehabbing this home as we explain our visions to each-other.

Who knows, maybe this is the time he “gets it”, probably not, but for the next 12-months, Life is Good Today.

200512111647319641Whatever Skeletons We have, they go in the closest until he fucks up.

… and they call me the dead man. How about you? What do they call you?

12-months is a lot of time, who knows maybe the grim-reaper comes to get the dead man next week and I never see the next relapse.

Then again, we never had a 12-million-dollars rehab center right down the street! (Granted,the other half went to Brockton)

Don’t even get me started on my training wheels and how he got me to ride down Plymouth st. to West st. to our Mother’s best friend’s house full of kids.

A latch-key story for another day, perhaps, maybe when he relapses…

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Nailing your market’s price-point solves everything.

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In the word of business the most important thing is calculating your market’s price point, calculating might be the wrong word, gauging your market’s price

Here’s why:

Once you gauge your ideal price point for your market, and it’s correct, you give your company the leeway to survive its mistakes that happens from time-to-time.

Let’s use my small company for an example.

It’s a Seasonal Business, the majority of Sales happen over a 4-month period. Pricing wrong or too high, your customer counts are dead in the water, it doesn’t matter how many add-on products you have to sell. You screwed up the most important thing: getting your foot in the door.

You are basically going to eat shit for the next 8-months until your sales season begins again.

When you nail your price point during that Sales Season, you have more clients than you can shake-a-stick at.

The real net profit numbers are up, your client counts are up, and the possibility of doubling add-on sales have increased! happy-people-clip-art-907375

All is right in the business world.

Except mistakes are bound to happened and need to be addressed. Hopefully, nothing as fatal as not gauging the right price-point for your market, but look around. What did you forget to do? How bad was that idea you implemented?

Let’s use the a commission plan that penalizes a sale that doesn’t last a year. The salesman does everything right to close the deal. Shows up immediately, builds a repertoire with the client, has a client for life, then after 9-months the clients cancels without talking to the salesman.

The reason for this cancel is when the client called, she was told she can cancel after 6-months. The Salesman is required download (1)to have a client stay for 12-months, otherwise he has a reduction in commission by 10%.

During his busiest Sales month, he takes a 10% hit in his Sales pay. Let’s Say he did 120,000 in Sales, your best Sales Guy.

Wow, your HR/ Pay department really fucked up. You’re a seasonal business, he won’t have a chance to make up that commission for another 8-12 months.

Unless, Unless, Unless you nailed your market’s price point. Then, not only does your top salesperson have August with 30 Sales Leads! but September, October, November … then it’s the holiday’s when everyone is really a Jew … Hold on, Hold on, now it’s  February with 20-sales lead instead of 4 (which happens when you price wrong in the summer)

This is the cool part of pricing right, you have 3-months with a plethora of clients to make it up to your Top Sales Guy before Christmas, that’s a lot better than stressing for the next 10-months about who is going to sell $120,000 for me next August!

How am I going to train his replacement?

If only you priced right in the beginning.

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I’m leaving Corporate Life: Dead. Man. Talk. cc: @al_anon

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Originally posted on mikejnunes:

Anyone who watched me grow into an adult, knows i mean what i say, Revered John? I’m up-front, BOLD, and understanding, Father Don. Where is Pontifex? (I am here)

(Left to right.) Ron Perlman and Nicolas Cage star in Relativity Media’s SEASON OF THE WITCH. (Left to right.) Ron Perlman and Nicolas Cage star in Relativity Media’s SEASON OF THE WITCH.

A Brazilian Ponitifex from Brazil, uncomfortable after he just took a vow of poverty with all his riches, I’m speaking in riddles.

I grew up with a deaf brother memories started at the age of 3, he was hit riding a bicycle after fishing by an idiot drunk driver. Kingston.

I just remember building linkin logs and the nurses… our spit-fire single mom.

I can tell stories for days on end, it took 6-summers with martha to learn this trick.Granny-300x253

My brother’s Rehab center is perfect and beautiful (as the sweet mrs giodano reminds me how much it cost, along her perfect wood floors).


View original 46 more words

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Darwinism: Learning to say No.

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I’m a numbers cruncher. I have crunched numbers all the way back to when my mother had to decide between my 1418734467-s01_e0101_29_140077940942brother’s rehab and my college education. She made pretty good money back then.

My college education lost out and Today, I pay $275 a week for the well being of my child.

If you know anything about law – I’m Harvard Law – you understand that it’s about win-win.

On average, daycare is $180 a week, you need to clothe and feed the child another $80, my math might be wrong let’s add another $15.

it’s right.

That was my settlement offer between Shirley and the clerk of courts, before John beautifully wrote the script. The ex-wife’s attorney decided to retire, apparently her State Trooper husband was worried that she would lose his pension.

To this day, I miss that call from Shirley.

“Mike, this is Shirley ___”

She would take the time to personally walk me through her home and explain (mansplain for you younger girls) her expectations of me and my duty in her home.

In exchange, I got the meanest, most jewish, black bitch you would ever meet as my personal adviser!

How good is she as a mother?

I left the Vineyard, finally meeting “hopefully” my future wife.

Kid-free, we spent Labor Day Weekend walking Eli’s Massapoag trail. talking talking, then enjoy Lake Massapoag kid free after a Summer of entertaining them.

Then it’s back to reality.

I return home to my sober for 5-months drug addict brother charging me full price to replace the roof , obviously forgetting that I offer his family a roof over their heads for $400 a month. Apparently, he forgot about the $700 he owes me.

Everyone under the Sun knows i just want to run.

Shirley is the reason I don’t run today, I just tell my brother, “no”

Two letters, and one word. NO. THAT’S NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Supposedly, i’m teaching my brother how to counteroffer. Honestly, I’m done. While he was in jail, once again, I took his kid to Walt Disney World while his baby mama lived utility free ( stealing a bottle of vodka and tools while i was in Florida with her child)

I see everything. I’m done with this.

I’m tired boss. I just want to be in Sharon with my Brown-eyed girl.

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Trust Fall: Step One.

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I have this nickname, I’m called Dead Man. No matter how much I try to shake this or escape this. It returns.1418734467-s01_e0101_29_140077940942

I’ve worked for this nickname. The reason I am the dead man is because I was a front-line employee with a direct line and a yearly face-to-face meeting with board members, a lot, a lot of board members and their subordinates.

Picture having a 6-ft ladder trying to enter a 14-ft high hole.

If neither of you have the power to speak, communicate. You both fail.

I was lucky enough that someone inside that 14-ft high hole spoke.

He needed a little advise, a clue if you will, having done all the research, I help him down onto my latter. We talk and relate with no worries. We become friends for life.

He recommends me to a few fellow friends, I treat one of them like they are dead to me. I walk away and tell him your money isn’t worth my time. Hence, my nickname, the dead man.

For these few fellows, I was the first person who didn’t care about money. They had plenty of money, but were clueless about real life. I was constantly short on time, I didn’t need more money, I just needed more time.

My daughter is 4, they decide to move me home, instead of making her a wash-a-shore.

My brother has a drug relapsed, they put him in jail and build a rehab center.

I find one of the great ones, they rebuild an office at the GPS center of my home, her home, and my daughter’s home.

that’s a lot of looking out.

A friend of theirs feels they have no purpose. “do the same thing day in, and day out”

He has grown up with his family wealth. This is why i get what I get.

Are you Listening…. I ask who do you employ? How many employees? Do they have families?

Are you happy? Then you are a positive impact into society.

Play golf, tend to your tomato, go fishing, go eat out your wife. whatever clears you head and makes you happy

Tonight, it’s just hanging out with my daughter, last night it was binge watching bad tv,(so I could make a 7am meeting 35-minutes away, and 1-hour before my normal alarm, 3-hours before my client’s kids are at school) the night before …. I was a little bit of a whore.

If you can’t relate to this story, then you are the 1-out-the-4. If that’s too much for you, then farm that duty out.

Honesty, after 10-years of studying successful, rich, happy, married couples. I know she’s the one.

time for bed, edit by monday.

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