The Opiate battle: I am my brother’s keeper.

January 25, 2016 Leave a comment

This is the first time in 15-years that my brother has been sober. If you work with me and 294759_2109673175523_5310353_nthink I’m the ‘dead man’, that ain’t shit.

I let my brother go to jail for 18-months to sober up. I gave up on him. I’m too old. I have a daughter to worry about.

Basically, I gave up my brother’s destiny to the Universe. I could care less.

Miraculously, the hospital of our birth was rehabbed into a Rehab Center during the 18-months my brother was in jail.

Again, I gave up on him. it might have only been 8-weeks or months, definitely not years…ask his daughter.

Meanwhile, I have moved on from this shitty old town. Spending my last summer traveling to Cape Cod. Finding happiness – in a small close knit town through my lover’s eyes – much like my days on Martha’s Vineyard.

Our future days on Martha’s Vineyard in the Spring, our future days at the lake during the summer without crossing that god forsaken bridge. Back to Reality.

My brother’s opiate addiction.

After 18? … after months in jail and 15-years, My brother is finally sober again.

I’m just counting down the days until he relapses again.

Every knock on the door from him, his daughter, her mother. I’m just expecting some piss-poor excuse for money so they can score a hit.

I’m an Al-Anon after all.

It’s not happening. Those knocks on the door are for legit reasons: the furnace needs cleaning, the wifi isn’t working, can you set-up our new printer, we made a Sunday Dinner Plate for you.

The last time my brother was sober, I lived in the city of Lost Angels, my mother sent him to me. He found crack in about 3-days, then I entered him into a 18-month rehab.

This time is different, maybe it’s his daughter, maybe it’s his father. All I know, each time I return home, when he annoyingly knocks on the door, it’s about knowledge, or equipment, not money for hit…

I cherish each day that this happens.

Dinner at the Deadman’s home is kind of boring.



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Dear HR, I can’t handle the red tape, I give up.

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buffalo_wild_wings_largeSitting in a team meeting – our hyperglycemia taken care of (see last team meeting) – we talk of the 2-months it has taken get all of our team members assigned to this team, to this office.

As we are slowly learning each other’s personalities, the candor is seeping out. One team member wanted to save money by giving out dunkin donuts gift cards, instead of pizza. He was quickly rebuffed by the rest of the team.

We have 2-team members on their personal diets, our branch manager did a little research and found a bundle package that accommodated both their needs, including mine.

I have about 6000 issues, one is a child support payments and the other my hyperglycemia.

He solves this problem by requiring me meet him face-to-face, also-know-as a team meeting, every two-weeks. The cost is  $60 in food for the entire team.

It’s such a simple solution. How’s your P&L?

How’s your team’s moral?

With Candy for dessert, our moral is actually pretty good, we are looking forward to the future, increasing sales through more training (which ends at 4pm!)

We are a very blunt, direct – well fed – candid team.

Which brings me to my story of bureaucracy, why I wanted to quit.

Going through my divorce with a court order, my HR department offered me no relief. I was sent off to our vendor, by the time the issue was resolved 8-months later, it was time to redo my health insurance plan.

Imagine if my daughter actually had a health issue. I forget, How many Regional Manager’s did we have back then? What happened to Peter? Paul? Their team?

Are they even employed anymore?

Who remembers Kimberly, How about Ward?

I enjoy my day-to-day, what I do.. How about you?




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Sunday in the Mancave.

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My new girlfriend actually doesn’t mind allowing me time to watch football on Sundays.28giants.650 We are both Divorce, well I’m divorced, she’s still slowly trudging through the process of divorce.

During the football season she will sit with me, as we watch a half or quarter of football, depending on how good the game is, other times, if it’s our weekend with the kids, she’ll take them: on a nature walk, to the playground, to the toy store, or maybe they’ll just read books upstairs.

There’s only one game I care about during the day. I’m a Patriots Fan.

The only conflict would be when we have the kids and the Patriot’s game is on. I usually DVR it, just in case I can’t watch it with the kids, watching it after I return Maddy to mom, and I to the Mancave to prep for my work-week.

During the football season this seems to work itself out, she starts to get some of these games are boring, and I could careless if I watch it.

The weekend that we don’t have the kids, she puts in an effort to watch the games with me.

We watch the first game together, after our traditional Sunday breakfast, then we go our separate ways, I return to the mancave and plan and prep for my week, while watching the next two games in the background. Back at the Nest, she cleans and… well, you would have to ask her.

It’s NFL playoff weekend with no kids! Actually, we have Maddy, Friday night with her dance class, and then I have to work Saturday Morning.

I drop my daughter back off to Mom on a Saturday, then go to work, then return to my future 2nd wife, Laura.

I watch the opening KC kick-off return for a touchdown in the mirror, explain that this is a boring game, I take the wine goddess out for dinner and a beer.

She’s amazed that I could care less about the KC game.

After dinner, we return home, full and bloated. she falls half-asleep as I watch the Pitt-Cincy game, half awake she takes in the game and ask questions. She enjoys how the game can turn on just one play, but she’s getting really tired and missing out of the big hits and why they are penalties!

Her kid does 45-minutes of a Saturday 9am sport depending on the season, currently basketball.

Being a trooper, she falls asleep on the couch with me, as I watch this football game.

We go to bed, whisper, “I love you” and fall asleep (Always kiss me, Goodnight.)

Wake up, have breakfast, well rested! Well rested, we tackled the Sunday Playoff Football thing, together!

On the couch, together, she looks up, under my arm and I’m already taking a nap and dreaming (the drool is a dead give-a-away), I finally wake up with 7:34 left in the first quarter.

husband-read-wife-sleep-young-kiss-sleeping-forehead-arms-sofa-couch-home-living-room-53265504As the game progresses, she progresses from sitting up straight on the couch to lying sideways across the length of the couch.

Then she says, “this is so exciting, how this game (Seahawks: Vikings) could flip so quickly! How did I end up lying across the entire length of this couch?”

I welcome her to my world of Sunday Football.

Being a Soccer/ Hockey Mom, she’s all in the Playoff defensive style playoff football.

Not one commercial targeted her, her demographic.

We don’t believe in fantasy and not for nothing, we are the gatekeepers to the bridge to our terabithia.

She loves the napping and defensive strategy of these nfl playoff games, being a soccer, basketball, and hopeful hockey mom and all, for her little firefighter.

Your fantasy players are all in, How are you going to get the soccer moms back in?





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At our worst – Divorce: Release Me.

January 3, 2016 Leave a comment

I had a messy divorce. I was arrested a couple of times. One arrest I was into protective custody, just-in-case my ex-wife was trying to kill me. Long story short, she showed up to the house with 4-adult men who kicked down my front door, while I was home alone with my daughter.

The cops where called, I was wiry enough to elude all 5-of them while my daughter soundly slept.

Being a small town, I was ask if I need the $40 for bail as I was being booked. I had $80 in my wallet.

We had a relationship, I’d probably see a cop or two at the next cook out.

That night I might have been given special treatment, then again, I was the one who was arrested. 

In my small town, the cops are taught about discretion, that night at their discretion, they diffused this possible attempted murder by arresting me.

I always go for bat for the Police Department, not because I’ll need a favor, but because, I’ve seen, first hand, how well they understand and use “discretion.”

After being arrested once again for not showing up to court, the summons was sent to my address that my ex-wife lived at, Is it any wonder I never received it?

This is actually when my faith in the legal system blossomed.

My Lawyer has the court compared the two-statements about the same incident by the same person, He was able to quash the charges right there, right then.

I’ve never ask for a favor from the court. The knowledge that I have your ear when I’m in the room is enough for me. That’s my world of how the Justice system works.

Win, Lose, or Draw, a just decision is all I ask for.

Shit, you want to call me an isolationist? Not only do I not want free passage for foreigners into this county, I don’t want free passage of the Midwest into my state!




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The Relationship: Keep it simple.

December 30, 2015 Leave a comment

I can honesty say that I’m in love. How do I know? Each day with my partner is heaven on earth…scratch that…each day with my partner is stress-free for the both of us.

Anyone who knows me, understands, whether you’re gay, lesbian, on your second marriage, or just too tired to walk to see the 1st black president be inaugurated… I listen better than a Dunkin Donuts Speaker. 1148335934_1249 (1)

I listened

Omg, the relationship advice I was given.

As I walk away from my first marriage, I was content on living out my days on this earth alone, a single parent with my daughter.


I met this girl.

I do this geeky thing on twitter, every Tuesday night around 9pm. During this time she will clean, read a book, go out with her girlfriends, read a book to my daughter before bed.

Every Sunday, Every Sunday we make and eat breakfast together with, or without kids.

That is the foundation of our relationship.

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How to be a Leader.

December 18, 2015 Leave a comment

At this point in my career, I get what I want. I’m a simple man with a simple plan. I can wake up and take my morning piss looking out a window that overlooks “The Bridge to Terabithia.”download (5)

If you use 3-satellites, you will find my office and the 3-most important things in my life.

Human nature will tell you to never cross that bridge again, I disagree.

As I’m sitting in this team meeting – wishing I could just be “the workhorse” again – I understand how important it is to be “the deadman.”

I can remember and recall everything, I can fire you, right now. I don’t want to be that man.

As I’m sitting in this meeting, discussing all this bureaucratic bullshit, we focus on being a TEAM. (yes, if you don’t buy in: I’m going to fire you)

I finally understand my next step on the ladder, I have to cross that bridge at least once a month and talk with my old team.

I enjoy what I do, how about you?



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The Holiday party: Just Go.

December 14, 2015 Leave a comment

I’m the first one to say, I hate Christmas. I just hate it. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I’m a simple man. 120413-kayser-carol_6

The thing is, I deal with people all day, buy gifts for my child as we talk and walk through a store … everyday spent together is Christmas for us. The fact is: I hate any break in our routine.

Honesty, I’m a tad old, made, and I just don’t want to leave my bubble.

So it’s Christmas time.

The family and I are balancing: Christmas, Hanukkah, our close friends, and the Flu, plus I have some unused vacation time to squeeze in, now you’re starting to know why the Jews like me in this small town.

Remembering that I missed my true friends at our last holiday party by never showing up during our annual 4th of July party … the little lady’s father died of cancer just 2-weeks earlier.

I trudge to this Friday Night After Work Christmas Party. The host has to work Saturday so now I really feel obliged.

I’m tired, I do more listening than talking. The Jew in me notices everyonedownload (4) is drinking from my bottle of rum, I don’t drink rum so much – if at all — anymore.

Plus it was a re-gift, 2-times over.

I’m big business, I have taken the corporate path. A True friend, who has taken the small business path in a similar industry shows up, we talk shop.

We haven’t seen each-other in a year. We normally talk and vent during our busy season over the July 4th weekend. Why I hate being big corporate, why he hates be small business.

We didn’t have that chance last 4th of July because of Cancer. So here we are at a holiday party that I really didn’t want to attend, talking and laughing stress-free about being overworked and pissed off, wanting to quit.

I, with his small business exit plan, he, with my big business exit plan.

Do you avoid holiday parties because of your religion or beliefs?

Grow up son, you might learn something.






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