“I want to be the leader, the boss” Step 1: Listen.

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In the mist of my summer time controlled chaos, I missed a “team meeting”, running low on supplies, remember than I’m highly allergic to a certain chemical (pretty sure it’s getting removed from our chemical list). If you see a my company’s product at home depot, it’s not this product and actually will never be used by this company’s technician again.

I’ve work with my team leaders through thick and thin, It’s kind of fun and relaxing to interact without the rest of the team.

We all have our strengths, and we all have our weaknesses, the fun is when we converse in a nanosecond, before you think “should I trust this person” and they have an answer! The task at hand is already done! Something that you stress over.

That’s how you gain trust, complete the task-at-hand, quicker than anybody else.

I have two teams leader that can do this to perfection.  I make their lives easier. They make my life easier. Without even trying.

Stopping by the office, it was such a breath of fresh air, I’m asked, “do you need a report” (3-seconds for her), “No, I still have 10-days, next Monday”, Another Manager stops by, our number guys (not nearly as cheap as me) [he must have already checked  the up-to-date number and he's smiling], he ask if I need one of our new hats, FUCKING YES, if I ever have to use tempo again, WHERE ARE THE SAFETY GOGGLES!

I didn’t say that, what I did say – to my boss – was I just need one hat, my sunglasses and cyfluthrin product that nobody is using along with company provided power sprayer.( Hi-five to Stuart for helping me with the hose, he’s retired) . I actually may have eliminated the need for the 1-ft up, 1-ft out, granted if done correctly it is cheaper.

We’ll negotiate in the fall, when things slow down. We’re on the same page.

Then he over-hears, me and my manager’s (his trusted advisers) complaint about doing employee reviews in July. It’s a waste of time for us, it doesn’t impact our income, and actually, We’ve going to lose money completing this task. Then we have to deal with irate clients because where not available.

My Boss Listens, Do you?

Make no mistake, I push up a lot harder than you can push down.

So who’s your numbers guy? Got a girl whose good at the books and on the phone? How about a tech guy?

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Why are you single? Why are you married?

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I have a good friend that I can text or pick up the phone and instantly it’s a 5-hour conversation. She believes in God, the sanctity of marriage, the well-being of her daughter, but she has a ‘Lord why me experience’ that still lingers.20140713-231659-83819321.jpg

I believe in the universe, radio waves, and Karma.

No, we never slept together. Different Universes, but the concept of Marriage and Karma are the same.

We talk about anything and everything, avoiding any friction that may arise from my Belief in the Universe and her Belief in God (sometimes it’s one in the same). Okay after the 7th-hour, I might have blurted out, “It was your guardian angel showing themselves!”

I don’t know what it’s like to carry a human being inside and lose it. I believe everything happens for a reason at the right time. (I know. You’re like this is about me, I slept with you, so no, well kind of.)

She, after analyzing why my last girlfriend was annoying says, “you should have girlfriend!”

Religious beliefs aside. The reason we talk about anything and everything and count on each other, is we give an honest opinion of the greener pasture that we desire.

I told her a few stories of couples and how they stayed together for 50+years…

My favorite is the wife, who left for the sister’s for a month, because her husband didn’t read her mind that she was mad at him. As she sat in the car, he walked by put the trash to the curb. Went back in the house and off she went. They’re still together, happily married.

Then it’s back to my turn explaining my plight of being single.

I’ve been married already, I have a daughter, I have an innumerable amount of couples who can advise me on how to make it work ” between the photographs.” Tell a story about a girl I met, that I was attracted to and how she fails the litmus test in a social setting.


I’m at a party with this with strong opinionated girl that I couldn’t stand years ago — she would tear down the hand that feeds her –she’s still smart, but not so definitively opinionated and now is asking questioning and accepting of her parent’s help.

That’s attractive.

Then I overhear a conversation about finding a 6-foot-nothing rich bastard so she won’t have to work. (I’m Turned-Off!)

I’ll be damn if I get back into that type of  situation. I work 50-hours a week, that’s it. If that’s not enough.. she can earn you keep for the other 30. That’s me.

Why do you stick to your beliefs? Does another religion justify them? How about Science?

Did you forgot that being single and alone are two-different things?

Are you taking advice from a miserable person? The Mario in your life.



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I have enough money, reached my goal, something’s missing.

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After completing all the stipulations of my divorce (a 3-maybe 4-year process), I’m sitting here on my couch with my Disney Vacation paid for, my winter savings in check, I’m maxing out my employer match 401K. I’ve survived my brother’s latest drug relapse, a little worried about the 1% drop in commission, not to mention the drop in new work/sales. The fact is that my net-income is better than compare to a year ago.

oprahI’ve been on a tight budget for 3-5 years, okay maybe it was 23-months to eliminate all debt and THEN refinance a mortgage. I have money to spend, I don’t. I can’t get out of that “I can’t spend against the budget mode”, I still go home check the budget – see if it was in the budget – then decide if I need this.

It’s been a fight to get to this point, to reach this goal. I’m good at, er, I understand Wall St. I couldn’t afford to go to college and not work at the same time. So I{the only one on the west coast who could do what i do} worked at a book bindery that produced proprietary (top-secret) information for the stock market.

Meanwhile, I got to hang out on Venice Beach (lived at 450 S. Venice Blvd)  and take a few computer training courses at Santa Monica College, after 4-years (that was my going away to college), something in my gut said, “it was time to move home”.

Back to completing my goals and the stipulations of my divorce. Enjoying and mastering my career (it gets boring, some days), I check the numbers, understanding how Wall St works, knowing were to put my middle class pittance of pay, and having a ex-wife to deal with that I have to legally pay 23% of my report income. I’m blah, I might even be depressed or have the blues, I’m definitely grumpy smurf.

Remind you, looking over my budget, the percentage increase of free cash, saved cash, vacation cash compare to a year ago is astronomical (stay the course, you worked for it not them, help their daughter). As long I just show up to work, enjoying the profession that I love (85% of the time). The number works. I have no worries including my retirement savings!

With all that, I’m still blah and grumpy. There’s Something Missing. tony flooring

With all the… with everything… with my head wanting to be out of the game. I just wanted to limp out on this Friday.

Then NBA’s most hated millennial (with more money than god) writes a SI letter to Cleveland.

Most people don’t read past the headline, never-mind the first paragraph, we do. That’s what we do.

Big fucking deal, some rich, more money than god prick is “bringing his talent’s back to Cleveland”

Here’s what lifted my spirit today, here’s what caught me…

The phrase “it’s bigger than basketball” (paraphrasing, or am I?)

I thought to myself, this kid “gets it”, unlike you or me, he had to prove to himself, as a young man, that he is the best and build up his confidence to be a Man. His College (moving away from the coddled home experience) was playing for the Miami Heat.

Four Years removed from home, I’ve excited to see what Lebron brings to the Cleveland Area…beyond just winning basketball games.

Why the Fuck was I so Blah about Today? Oh yeah, my middle class bills are paid until the end my of days, but that doesn’t change my home life drama.

Should I hate on Lebron, or follow his lead and fix my own life?

Editing this (to the best of my ability), I realize haven’t I’ve written down a plan for my next chapter, have you?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and my last chapter took 3-years…


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Relapse, What do I do? [unedited]

My brother enter a stage of relapse. He gave up on me, his daughter, his life and fell back into addiction. (I don’t trust his common law wife [Ma lex luther]) It happened as I closed the deal on my divorce. Fuck off, I just want to relaxed.

Normally, I give penance. I’ve dealt with my brother’s drug addiction all my life since he was thirteen… three years for his common law wife (if we didn’t live in Massachusetts).

I started to throw the hammer and throw them out (a 14-day notice to quite for non-payment of rent), when she relapse (a year or two ago) I gave then a 60-notice to quit. They learned with that 60-day notice to quit that I can throw them out at will.

I can represent myself. They have to show up to court and “fabricate a story” and a lawyer. How often to I lie, How often to I show up after 5?

After her relapse and then the email I sent her Boston Housing Authority Section-8 housing (I’m trying to keep this family intact at their daughter request), there’s an immediate respond to the tenant. YOU NEED to find another place to live in 60-days!

They went across the street to church and prayed.


They get caught back up on the rent. (a months rent if that).

My brother’s partner “gets it”

then my brother relapse, month after month after…14-day NOTICE!

She got it, still she couldn’t correct it, or didn’t want to..she didn’t want to.

I have the legal to throw them out to correct my brother’s drug relapse.

Mid-Day he and his daughter are in an car accident that totals the family car that keeps him at home. He has no transportation that enables his drugs addiction habit on the 1st of every month for that passed 2-months! (that’s an $800 a week habit!)

Karma: When god hands you a full plate,  that’s when the wait-tress comes by with a tray…

they are so fucking behind on their rent…I remember everything! STOP!

I’ve been through this before. Maybe I don’t have to evict them…

I start with “my laundry”  and a written contract that they wrote to repay me  in there own handwriting.

It’s something that they’ve done in the past to get the apartment and “not have to go to the laundromat”, but  forgot about.

There’s a cost to do the drug of choice, in this house is starts with laundry. If you don’t want to do laundry, then replace my window.  This is where I push drug treatment. I’m not very nice. My brother, his girlfriend and child are still alive.

If you can’t do that, can you decorating a personal space?

My Personal space…I want to be nice, but I can’t. this roof over these drug addicts head, i do it for them, slowly teaching them when I can. building there confidence, doing laundry, replacing a window, raising a daughter without sexual abuse…

you an idiot if you think I do this on my own…






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What feminist don’t get about Hobby Lobby.

On the ferry the other day, I overheard a conversion. The company tweak it’s commission play for it’s contractors. This contractor lost out on $1000 in pay for the month because a client forgot about or never received their bill to renew for the year on their summer home and never pays until the spring.download (33)

It’s a life-long client that renews every year, there’s actually a few clients that fall into this category. Then he talk about how he tracks his commission and it’s always off “just a little bit”. When you produce the same amount of work and make a $1000 less for things out of your control. You can empathize with this feeling and the lost of morale. This is obviously a business on Wall St.

His co-worker talks about being sent out to a client that took up his “whole day” not only did he get a NPS “detractor” he vents to this client – in the wrong way, yes there is a right way – that had the direct number to C-Suite which they passed it to his direct manager.

This manager altered the numbers. He didn’t just apologize and credit the customer’s account, he took away pay for work done that day by the employee. He docked his pay.

Listening these two dudes talk, the manager is obviously able to tweak the numbers to: dock pay, keep his numbers and labor cost in line. This in turn keeps his bosses’ happy and their numbers in line, which in turn Keeps Wall St. happy.

If your following the story, Wall Street is happy, but morale sucks. Thinking to myself, Is this the norm for a public company on Wall St.?

If I don’t double check my numbers it seems they are times it is off. In the Digital Age, it a typo away. Listening to these guy talk, I guess that’s how Wall Street controls everything. This is depressing. 25% of my already income goes to my Baby Mama and now just because the higher ups needs to tweak the numbers my pay can get reduce by $1000 a month!  I could work 50-hrs a week take home a measly $50-dollars. Fuck supporting gun control, kill me now.

Here’s the thing about Hobby Lobby

At the end of the day (IF it’s a small or medium size business trying to control insurance cost, not women) It’s not worth paying for a contraceptive option when you could take that  money to add insurance coverage for a cancer victim and make them a cancer survivor at the same time giving them long-term disability benefits…so they don’t have to show up for work each and every day to pay the bills, and then travel to get cancer treatment.

Seriously, you can’t keep your legs closed or buy a condom? After all, I have to keep it in my pants, or pay for a vasectomy.



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Tweak it, don’t blow up the ship.

Scrolling throw my twitter feed, low-and-behold, I see Dale Arnold with a book, a cup of coffee, overlooking the pond in his back yard. I’m guessing the quarterly numbers are in. (follow him.) He can relax a little bit, granted with the Red Sox as they are, the numbers might dip next quarter – no worries – then the Patriot season begins.

If I know management, they may have tweak the number targets if he did better than expected and pay was involved. I talk about that in my next blog about Hobby Lobby.

Dale is back after a year or two, the fact is he and Michael Holley had the best show at WEEI. With shitty managers and/or producers and a little competition – WEEI was previously the only game in town – they hit the panic button. As ad revenue got taking away because of  having one competitor enter the sports talk market, which should be expected, there was some horrendous management and leadership decisions.

Sometimes it’s from employees (who are replaceable) and value their time more than “the market values their time”, other times it’s management not correctly identifying their core audience and their anchor for that audience.

At the time WEEI anchor was the Veteran-Mentor/Newbie chemistry between Michael Holley and Dale Arnold. They both gelled and you could tell each learned from each-other.  Not only from a sports talk radio sense, but also from a life, parenthood, and sports perspective.

They both have a certain skill set that fused perfectly, but also you saw (heard) how they learned and grew together. As a listener you can related to them, like they are you to some degree. This would lead to you listening to the next WEEI on the way home. That’s my perception, I don’t know, I don’t see the numbers.

Anyway, as a parent interested in sports, I’m back to listening to Dale Arnold and Michael Holley and a Team Chemistry that you can’t replicate. How they rubbed off Fauria and his excitement about seeing a Bruins game “in person” (it’s the best sport to see live),  then paring him with Lou was Genius. The give and take about playing the different sports, the personal stuff that guys can relate to. [The Brown-Salk hire still has a bad taste in my mouth to accept Benz for now. I don't know, Dale's the benchmark for do the teasers.]

If twitter scares him have him follow Erdahl and Hextall (they do it right), I’d bring some skittles to NESN as goodwill.

I’m beating around the bush. It’s sad to see Jenny and Shepherd leave The View, but it’s most likely the right decision. First of all they are facing competition from other shows that are trying to steal viewership.  No matter what they do, viewership and ad-revenue will decrease, much like WEEI.

The View core audience was older-experienced-opinionated women, who have the afforded time to watch TV around 11am. Their Secondary Market was younger opinionated women, or younger women who wish they had an opinion, Then through a guy into the lioness den. It’s a formula that works.

The View had the right idea…Jenny had an autistic child and she deep dived into autism. That’s the Jenny that the View audience wanted. Behind you.

Instead they got the aspect of Jenny that they can’t relate to.  Jenny stopped expressing her Warrior Mom attitude (you moved back to your parents, they helped ground the rug-rat as you do what you do to pay the bills, you showed warrior moms how to have help, without feeling like you have to do it on your own by doing on your own) that’s what the view audience wanted to see.

They wanted the autism mom who believed that vaccines are wrong,  who’s done the research wrong or right, and to listen why you still feel in your gut that topic needs continued research.

Instead, The View producers (I’m guessing) tried to infuse the “11pm VH1 Jenny McCarthy Show with the  11am  The View”

So the audience got a former playboy model with her new boobs, new boyfriend/fiance (who’s gainfully employed),  not to mention she’s reconnecting with her dad shoved down the old ladies sewing circles throat. That’s not the Views core audience. That’s not the warrior mom (selflessness) that they signed up for.

The problem was The View’s producers steered away from the Jenny McCarthy “Hot Topic: Evan” that the audience wanted to know about, how to be a Warrior Mom, how to deal with having an autistic child. It’s an old ladies sewing circle  after all, how annoying does it get when all you talk about is your new beau in that circle?

Even producers can be fired,  CEO’s too…after careful consideration.

It took WEEI 3-years to learn this lesson, “The View” 6-months. (Ladies, That’s a pretty good response time.)

Why do you want to blow it up? Who are you mentors? Is there a tweak (not to be confused with twerk) that would right the ship?







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How Karma works On Vineyard Time.

Let’s me start this post by explaining “On Vineyard Time”, it means I’ll get there when I get there, if you call, I’ll get there a little sooner. It’s more about the lack of crime, being on Vacation, and striking up a quick conversation.download (32)

Today I stopped about a 100-ft behind an older gentlemen unloading his groceries into his home at the gingerbread cottages (it’s a walking area), after about 7-minutes I creep to 50-feet, I see FedEx truck coming in my rear-view mirror(they have their times to keep) I creep to 15-feet. The wife runs out to move the I car as I wave, smile, finish whatever I was reading, and put the truck in drive. That’s “On Vineyard Time”.

I’ve been here before.

As a tourist you could see and experience the same situation. Maybe a little jealous that you could never afford to live on the most expensive island to vacation on.

Living on the Island, tourist only come around 3-months out of the year and don’t even come close to paying the bills. How do you extract enough income for 12-months in 3-months?

Do you believe in Karma?

Being Selfish, I pick-up some work on Chappy, I’m actually helping out my team, Chappaquiddick is my Happy place. It’s quiet, desolate, hard to get to, and my cell phone only works in a few spots. It sucks for the rest of the team.

As I talk with one client who is wondering if she having bad karma, I’m reminded of another client. I place some rat stations out and tell her to monitor the loose sand for the next 60-days.

Being early, I stop by a client that I know is awake as we talk she spills the beans and tells me where her classroom was located, it was to be reassuring and why I like to visit Chappy.

After a 2-year hiatus from the Wasque, I turn down 35 like I always do. There’s nothing there just a bunch of constructive vehicles. Timid and confused, I turn around and start-up the new road and then pull off to the side. I feel like an outsider. It’s been over 24-months after all.

An old familiar face drives up and ask me, “why are you parking here?”, I respond, ” I not sure where to park?”,  His reply, “Bullshit, follow me!”

I follow him and the site manager apologizes, there is literally no more parking spaces, each possible spot to park  is taken by a contractor. My friend needs his van near the job site, I can parking at the entrance and walk back up.

The entire property had to be shifted to compensate for erosion. Some may say this is Bad Karma.

goobleYou’re a fucking idiot if you believe that.

As I walk around inspecting the job site for any: rodents, bugs, and/or monsters, I give the thumbs up to a granddaughter through glass.

If you’re focusing on the sleepy granddaughter laying couch and the inconvenience of having a construction zone on your family vacation, you missing out on how Karma works!

The noise and site activity keeps her entertained as you do what you do to provide for her, and us – Each and Every Contractor  knows we can put food on the table for our families because of you.

It may be a drop in the bucket for you, but for us sometimes it adds us to a trip to Disney.

Would it kill you to through in a little KFC?

Don’t forget the mash potatoahs.




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